The Workshop on Models and Data Engineering for Cyber Physical Systems, CPS@MEDI 2018, will be held in Toulouse, France, on October 28th, 2019. The workshop is co-located with 9th International Conference on Model & Data Engineering MEDI 2019.

Cyber-Physical Systems are complex systems where software and physical components interacts through sensors and actuators in sophisticated manners in order to provide efficient services that could not be built in other manners. These systems are involved in a wide range of application domains like transportation, health, smart grids, sensor networks, internet of things, robotics, autonomous systems and many others. They usually contain safety critical parts and thus requires more advanced modelling and assessment techniques. Their development frequently involves many different engineering domains that all have their modeling methods and tools. The assessment of the whole system is thus much more complicated as it must bridge all these domains in order to gather all the required data. All the more, as these systems connect the software and physical worlds, they usually involve discrete and continuous behaviors whose interaction requires sophisticated modeling techniques.

The purpose of this workshop is to gather researchers involved in the modeling and assessment of such systems in order to exchange best practises in modeling, validation and verification. A strong focus will be given on the heterogeneity of models to grasp all the aspects of these systems and the specific constraints for their assessments.